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Carving Minds - Transforming Lives - Engineering the Future at George Washington Carver 6th Grade Center

GWC Student Handbook

G.W. Carver 6th Grade

STEM Learning Center


Campus Student









Carver Connection: 1 School, 1 Team, 1 Dream!

WELCOME Carver Scholars



Welcome to George Washington Carver 6th Grade Learning Center where we are engineering the Future! The purpose of this handbook is to provide you with detailed information on what is expected and required of every Carver Scholar. Keep in mind at all times that you, the student, are the most important aspect of school life at G.W. Carver 6th Grade Learning Center. Be proud of your school and take good care of it. You are expected to conduct yourself with dignity, demonstrate respect and courtesy at all times and to strive to do your best. You will be challenged in the classroom to excel and will be given opportunities to grow as a young adult and to enjoy a variety of experiences associated with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Carver 6th Grade Learning Center is dedicated to the well being of the whole child—mentally, physically, and emotionally. Therefore, it is necessary to have certain rules to ensure each individual the opportunity to benefit from their educational opportunity. This handbook outlines some of the basic policies around which your school functions. Please use it as a reference to keep you informed of the basic guidelines and allow you to take full advantage of all school offerings. Please feel free to contact teachers, counselors and administrators when you deem it necessary. Active parental involvement is encouraged and welcomed. The cooperation of school patrons, based upon the knowledge of the school, will result in a more efficient and successful school program. Conferences may be scheduled by calling the school at: 972-218-1577.



School Phone Numbers


Main Office Number            972-218-1577  

Fax Number                          972-218-1589


Campus Theme: Carver Connection: 1 School, 1 Team, 1 Dream

Campus Motto:  We are Engineering the Future!


Parents and Visitors are WELCOME!

All parents and visitors are required to check in. You must show a picture I.D., register in the Administrative Office with the campus secretary, and indicate the reason for visiting the campus. Please remember to sign-out prior to leaving the campus. Upon sign-in, all parents and visitors should receive a Visitor’s Pass.



Regular Bell Schedule  


Breakfast Served


First Bell


















C LUNCH      


PERIOD 6      








Arrival/Dismissal Procedures


Every student is expected to enter the building as soon as you are dropped off or depart from the school bus. Students are not allowed to leave the school once dropped off, whether by bus or car. Upon dismissals, students are expected to board the buses per the campus’s dismissal procedures and report to the front of the building at the end of day bell. Students not adhering to these expectations will be administered consequences based the campus’s discipline plan.


Morning Arrivals


Students may arrive on campus at 7:00am and report directly to the cafeteria. There is no supervision for students before this time. Please assist us in maintaining a safe campus environment by making sure students are not left unsupervised at our school.


Car & bicycle riders and walkers will enter through the main entrance.


Bus riders will enter through the northwest doors by the cafeteria.


Early Dismissals

Requests for early dismissals must be made in person at the time of dismissal. Students will only be released to individuals listed on the emergency contact sheet. ID must be presented before a student is released. If the student is ill, the nurse will make the decision whether the condition warrants a dismissal and contact parents.


Afterschool Dismissals


During dismissals at the end of the school day:


Car Riders: Students may be picked up in the front parking lot in designated area.

At dismissal, north side drive becomes a one way for bus traffic only.


Bus Riders: Students riding the bus must exit the building using the north side exit near the plane and only board buses when buses are parallel to the building. Students must have their school ID badge visible to enter the buses in the mornings and afternoons.


After-school vans: Any student waiting on after-school vans will wait at the front of the building with the car riders.


Walkers: All students walking must exit using the front doors to vacate the campus as soon as possible.





Students may ride their bicycle to school and secure them to the bicycle rack with their personal lock. Students are expected to use their bicycles safely.



Bus Assignments and Transportation

Students are expected to ride the bus assigned to them by transportation. Riding a bus is a privilege, not a right. Only a family emergency would warrant assignment to a different bus. In order to ride a different bus home, a note must be sent by a parent/guardian the day prior to or the morning of and be brought to Mrs. Nealey, the assistant principal for administrative approval. Parent contact will be made before the beginning of fifth period to verify the changes. Please keep in mind the number of students assigned to a bus will be taken into consideration prior to granting approval. All bus routes and assignments of students are done through the district’s transportation offices.








Bus Riders Code of Conduct

  • Stand off the roadway while awaiting the bus.
  • Be at the bus stop on time and behave in an orderly manner while at assigned stop locations.
  • Board and exit the bus at assigned stop locations.
  • Wait for the driver’s signal before crossing roads.
  • Drivers have the right to assign seats.
  • Keep your seat at all times.
  • Keep all body parts inside the windows.
  • Objects shall not be thrown from the windows.
  • ID badges and/or temporary sticker badges must be worn to gain entrance to the bus.


Office Actions for Bus Referrals

1st Offense      Parent Contact/Warning

2nd Offense     3 week suspension from the bus

3rd Offense      6 week suspension from the bus

4th Offense      3 months suspension from the bus

5th Offense      Suspension for the remainder of the year.

Fighting on the school bus will be an automatic 3 week suspension from riding the bus





Parents, please plan to fill out an application for free/reduced lunch during registration. Students will be assigned a 5-digit lunch number to be used daily. Lunch applications must be resubmitted each school year.



Cell Phones

A student may have a cell phone in his/her possession. The phone must be turned off during school hours. If the phone rings out or a student is caught using the phone in any capacity, it will be confiscated by school personnel, and a fee of $15 is required for the phone to be returned.  School personnel will not search for lost or stolen cell phones. Cell phone use is totally prohibited in the restrooms. Videoing and recording of other students and staff during school hours is also prohibited. Phones will be confiscated with a $15 charge, if used inappropriately. Campus Administrator's also have the discretion to remove cellphones for inappropriate use during instructional time and non-instructional time. 



Early Morning/Late Afternoon Supervision


Students should not be on school property prior to the established time for adult supervision to begin in the morning @ 7am. or after the time for adult supervision to end in the afternoon @ 3pm. Carver Learning Center assumes no responsibility for the supervision of or protection for students who either arrive at school prior to the time when adult supervision is provided in the morning or who remain on campus in the afternoon after the time when the adult supervision ends.


Students must clear the building by 2:45pm. Car riders will wait in front of the school at dismissal. Due to security and safety concerns, once a student leaves school property they may not return to school property without a parent or guardian.



Field Trips


All students who participate in field trips must have their parents sign a permission or release form, which is placed on file before the student is permitted to leave the school. Medical issues should be planned. All educational trips are authorized absences and carry full make-up privileges for all work missed. Eligibility for field trips will be left up to the administration and faculty.





The grading scale is as follows:


A – Superior             90-100%

B – Above Average  80-89%

C – Average              70-79%

D – Below Average  60-69%

F – Unacceptable    59% and below







Students are to move clockwise during all passing periods. Students are to move on the right side of the hallway, not touch other students, talk in a voice level (Level 1) that does not disrupt classes, refrain from public displays of affection, and walk in a normal manner and keep their books and supplies at their sides. Students are not permitted to wear jackets nor have their cell phones out in the hallways at any time.



Late Work


Assignments may be turned in late however, the maximum grade earned for late work will be no greater than 70% and must be turned in within two(2) days of due date. You may not work on late homework instead of the day's assignment. Attempts to do so will result in an Academic Referral, placement in S.W.I.M (Student Work Is Mandatory) and possibly a grade lower than 70.



Lost and Found


IF YOU FIND ANY ARTICLE OF VALUE, TURN IT IN TO THE OFFICE IMMEDIATELY. As the school assumes no responsibility for lost articles, students are encouraged to take every precaution to protect their possessions. Students should not bring expensive or valuable items to school, and students should carefully label each article, such as clothing, books, and supplies for easy identification. If you accept an item that is not yours or are in possession of an item that is not yours, you will be subject to disciplinary measures. Lost and found items collected and not claimed by the end of the each semester (December & May) will be donated to the Lancaster Outreach Center.


Lunch Money


The school does not loan lunch money to students and as a rule, the cafeteria manager will not allow students to charge for student lunches. Additionally, we do not allow outside food to be delivered to any student other than your own child due to allergies. Breakfast for all students is free.



Lunchroom Procedures


All students will enter the cafeteria in an orderly manner. Students will sit at assigned tables. During the first 15 minutes of lunch, students are expected to be quiet. Students must raise their hand for permission to leave their assigned seat and duty teachers will dismiss students. Students may not leave the cafeteria before permission is granted. Visitors must sign in and receive a visitor’s sticker before coming into the cafeteria. Parents may bring lunch to their children; however, parents may not bring lunch to other students. No celebrations are permitted in the cafeteria (e.g. birthday cake, cupcakes, cookies, or balloons). If a student brings any food or drinks from an outside vendor/source he/she may not share it with other students.


Make-Up Work: 


  • Assessments: Each student is responsible for making up each assessment.  If a student has prior knowledge of a planned assessment, he/she must take the test on the day of his/ her return to class, following a one day absence.
  • Assignments: On the day a student returns to class, it is HIS/HER responsibility to make arrangements with the teacher regarding completion of the work missed during the absence.


One day make-up for each day absent will be allowed. Work due on the day of an unexcused absence will result in an Academic referral and placement in S.W.I.M. If the student does not report to S.W.I.M. then he/she will receive a grade of zero.



Nuisance Items

The following items are to be left at home:

  • Skate boards – Full size or mini
  • IPods
  • Electronic games
  • Permanent markers
  • Water guns, cascarones (confetti eggs), or any other toys
  • Distasteful reading materials
  • Poppers, “stink” bombs, fireworks, matches and lighters
  • Items for sale, such as candy or gum that are not part of a school approved fundraiser
  • Laser pointers
  • Other; any item/toy that disrupts the learning environment


These items cause a distraction from the school’s academic atmosphere, and they can be easily lost or stolen. The school cannot be held responsible for any of these lost or stolen items. Confiscated items will be returned to the parent only. Students who bring these items to school are subject to disciplinary action.



In-School Suspension/P.A.S.S. (Principal’s Alternative School Suspension)

Any student subject to disciplinary actions may be placed into a self-contained classroom as part of the district’s In-School Suspension. Students may be assigned for up to 3 days for ISS and a minimum of 15 for P.A.S.S. Disciplinary offenses warranting an ISS/ P.A.S.S. assignment include, but are not limited to: persistent misbehavior, sexual harassment, instigating fights, theft, and technology violations. Any questions regarding ISS/ P.A.S.S. assignments are to be directed to building administrators.



Parent Pick-up Guidelines

We understand that sometimes parents need to pick students up before dismissal time. However, for safety reasons and possible loss of instructional time, we will not send for a student until the parent arrives and we have checked identification.


Due to high volume activity in the Main Office, students will not be called out of class the last 20 minutes before dismissal. A large number of our students are picked up or dropped off by their parents. There are times when traffic may get congested between the hours of 7:00 – 7:35am and 2:40-3:00pm.


For the safety of our students who walk to and from school, our community and our staff, please adhere to the parking lot markings and safety cones that are placed in specific locations.


Most of our students have transportation services available to them from the district. We encourage students to take advantage of this service when possible.



Regular Class Periods

Students will be expected to attend all regularly scheduled classes assigned to them. Students will be expected to bring all of the necessary materials to class each day and will be expected to participate in all class activities and complete all assigned school work. Students will be expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner and follow all classroom regulations.






S.W.I.M. stands for Student Work Is Mandatory. Please see page 11 for further information.  






The efficient student is not tardy. Sufficient time is provided to pass from one class to another. If you are not in class at the end of the passing period, the teacher will consider you tardy. All unexcused tardies will be subject to a penalty. Teachers are not required to allow the student consideration for any unexcused tardies. Should a student be detained by a teacher, he/she should secure a note from that teacher and present it to the teacher in charge of the class he/she is entering. For such an occurrence, the student will not be charged with an unexcused tardy.


  1. Tardiness to class - If a student is tardy to class, he/she should report directly to his/her teacher, who will evaluate his/her reason for tardiness.


  1. Coming to school late - If a student arrives on the campus late, he/she will report immediately to the attendance office for a class admittance slip. Students who arrive late on the campus may be subject to an administrative consequence. Repeat offenders will be reported to the Lancaster ISD Truancy department.


  1. Excessive Tardies - Students with excessive tardies will be referred to the administrator for disciplinary action.







Disciplinary Consequences


Teacher Actions


1st Offense      Verbal warning

2nd Offense     Refocus/Change seating/Student Conference/Parent Contact

3rd Offense      Teacher/Student Conference/Parent Conference/Administrator Conference

4th Offense      Office Referral


Office Actions

(Principal discretion to modify actions based on student’s offense(s))

1st Offense    Principal/Student Conference

2nd Offense   Removal for period/ISS remainder of day/Parent Conference/PASS

3rdOffense    ISS or OSS 1-3 days/PASS

4th Offense    OSS 1-3 days and possible referral to District Alternative School







Please note that the severity of the offense may expedite the consequences to a more severe consequence.  For example, fighting is an automatic 3 days suspension even it is the students first offense.  Administrative discretion will be used in assigning any disciplinary consequences.  Special education students will have a staffing called to consider removing them from the program if their behavior is seriously disruptive.


Minor infractions

Horse playing, running in the hallway, dress code, talking in class, playing in class, ID badge infraction, cell phone violation


Major Infractions

Bullying, fighting, disruptive behavior, throwing food or other items, skipping class, failure to comply with teacher/administrator directives, disrespect to staff, not following directions during a disaster drill.



End of the Year Activities

Students meeting any of the following criteria may not be allowed to participate in the end of year activities:

  1. DAEP placement during the course of the school year
  2. Six or more documented referrals for the 2016-2017 school year
  3. Assignment to campus PASS program 2 or more times
  4. Dress code violations including: male/female hair color that is against school policy

Participation in end of year activities and field trips are NOT mandatory; they are optional.  While the above listed reasons are important to be noted, please know that they are not all inclusive and the campus principal or her designee may ban a student from participating for reasons other than those listed.  Any student not allowed to participate for any reason will be notified by campus administration.



S.W.I.M. Camp

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

At George Washington Carver STEM Learning Center (GWC) student success is our highest priority.  We take pride and strongly stand beside our philosophy of “high expectations” and “no excuses” for ourselves and our students.  Our teachers and staff are of the utmost quality and work hard every day to assist every child in reaching their greatest potential.  With all of our hard work and dedication, we still however cannot help every child if students do not first take a responsibility for their own learning. 

That is why we are pleased to introduce “S.W.I.M. Camp”, a new procedure and program that we are implementing here at GWC to assist in ensuring success for every child.   S.W.I.M. camp stands for Student Work Is Mandatory, and I am sure that you, as a responsible parent, agree that indeed students must do their assignments. 

When students choose not to do their assignments they miss valuable practice for important skills and in most cases receive a “0” on the assignment in the teacher’s grade book.  This is unacceptable!  No student at GWC will fail a subject, class or grade level because they refuse to do their assignments. Students must do their work; this is not an option. 

Zero grades on class work or homework that’s not turned in or is incomplete can really skew course grades.  Zeros pull down a student's average in a frighteningly quick and devastating way.  Even if the student had all A's on every other assignment, one zero could conceivably bring his or her overall grade down to a C, or worse.

In addition to the report card devastation that zeros can cause; if students don't do their homework assignments and take a zero instead, they still have not learned and/or applied whatever the assignment was designed to teach.

S.W.I.M. camp is an opportunity for students who chose not to do their work, to make up the assignment, get the needed practice, and receive a grade other than a zero. 


















The school reserves the right to establish rules during the school year regarding new fashions in dress.

Administrators have the discretion to determine the appropriateness of attire and grooming, and make special exceptions, including those for religious or medical necessities. If a principal determines that a student’s grooming is inappropriate or violates the dress code, the discipline action will be in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. A second offense may result in more serious disciplinary action. Appropriate discipline procedures will be followed in all cases. Students will come to school looking clean and neat and wearing clothing and exhibiting grooming that will not be a health or safety hazard to the student or others.





Lancaster ISD’s dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, instill discipline, prevent disruption, avoid safety hazards, and teach respect for authority. All students are expected to exemplify proper dress and grooming standards in a manner that portrays an appropriate image for the student and the school. Dress code standards will be distributed and discussed in each school. Contact the school principal for dress code standards. Returning students and students new to the District in Pre-K – 12th grades are expected to be uniform compliant by the 2nd day they are in school. The school district reserves the right to establish rules during the year regarding new fashions in dress including the banning of certain articles of clothing adopted by gang-related youth as icons of identification.

The following are in effect during school and at all school related functions, on or off campus:

All Grades:

  1. All gang related grooming is prohibited.
  2. The District prohibits pictures, emblems or writings on clothing that are lewd, offensive, vulgar, obscene, or that advertises or depicts tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, drugs, or any other substance prohibited under policy FNCF. The District also prohibits any clothing or grooming that in the principal’s judgment may cause disruption of, or interfere with, normal school operations.
  3. Hairstyles –
  • Hairstyles, in general, are expected to be clean, neat, and in good taste.
  • No Hair color for male or female whether dyed or weave
  • Designs in hair are acceptable if the design is not distracting and/or is free from words, symbols or pictures which are generally interpreted as obscene or objectionable in nature or depict violence or nudity, or which display logos of alcohol, tobacco or illegal substances.
  • All facial hair is to be clean and neatly trimmed.
  • Beads in hair are allowed, but they must not cause disruption.
  1. Ear adornments of any kind are unacceptable for young men (including but not limited to, earrings, straw, Band-Aids, strings, plastic, threads). Female students – only pierced items allowed on body are earrings in the ears. Two adornments allowed per ear.
  2. Facial/body adornments are unacceptable for anyone.
  3. No visible body art is allowed that is inappropriate or offensive (refer to item #2 above).

Female Students:

  1. Blouses must ensure that no cleavage is showing.
  2. Pants are to be worn no lower than the hip bone (with belt).

Male Students:

  1. Pants are to be worn no lower than the hip bone (with belt).
  2. Shirts open below the second button are unacceptable.



The following clothing is not considered “appropriate attire” pursuant to this dress code policy: jeans, revealing/provocative shirts and tops, t-shirts, spandex, or similar tight outfits. Slippers, flip-flops, house-shoes, open-back sneakers, and other similar foot apparel are not considered appropriate attire.

Pre-K through 12th grade students are required to comply with the dress code policy.


Shirts and blouses

The following is a description of the approved clothing for students in Pre-K through the PK-6th: Colors: White, Red, Blue, solid colors collared knit polo shirts and turtlenecks (long or short sleeved). White only dress shirts and blouses (long or short sleeved). All shirts, blouses and turtlenecks for PreK-5th must be tucked in at all times.12th grade.



PK-6th: Colors: Khaki, Navy Blue, or Black. Slacks & Capris will be worn at the waist and properly hemmed or cuffed. No sweatpants, jogging pants, wind suits, warm-ups, spandex, overalls, or coveralls. Slacks may have pockets, but they must be sized in proportion to the pant legs. Belts are required. **


Shorts and Skorts

PK-6th: Colors: Khaki, Navy Blue or Black. Shorts/Skorts length will be no more than three inches above the knee. Belts are required**. Must be relaxed fit, not tight fitting.


Skirts and Jumpers

PK-6th: (Polo) Dresses Pre K – 6th ONLY Colors: Khaki, Navy Blue. Length will be no more than two inches above the knee.


Hats, Caps, Shower Caps, Bandanas, Gloves, Headbands

These items are not to be worn inside any building.

Bandanas of any kind are strictly prohibited.

Headbands of any kind are not allowed for male students.

Female students may wear headbands but not the colors red or blue, at the discretion of administration.


Identification Badges

Students grade 6th -12th will be required to wear the school’s ID badges at all times at the G. W. Carver 6th Grade Stem Learning Center, Middle School, High School, and J.D. Hall Learning Center (DAEP – District Alternative Education Program). It must be worn on the upper quadrant of the torso inside of the shoulders. It must be worn and visible at all times during the school day. Lost badges may be replaced at a fee of $5 and $2 for lanyard. Temporary badges (1 day only) can be purchased for $2. If damaged or defaced, students will be required to purchase a new ID. Students must wear ID badges at all times while at school or attending school-related or school-sponsored activities, including extra-curricular events. Students are not to alter badges in any way.



Grooming Styling should be neat and not distract focus on teaching and learning.

Males and Females: No color hair (weave or natural hair).

Styling should be neat and not distract focus on teaching and learning.



Males and Females: No jewelry and no other body piercing shall be allowed.

Ear adornments of any kind are unacceptable for young men (including but not limited to, earrings, straw, Band-Aids, strings, plastic, threads). Jewelry referring to alcohol and other drugs, tobacco, profanity, sex, violence, gang membership, or displaying obscene pictures shall not be permitted. Except for the ears, jewelry on other parts of the face, including the interior of the mouth is not permitted (i.e. grill or tongue ring).




George Washington Carver Campus Student Handbook & Expectations


Dear Student and Parent:

As required by Lancaster ISD, Carver has created a student handbook of expectations in order to promote a safe and orderly learning environment for every student.


We urge you to read this publication thoroughly and to discuss it with your child. If you have any questions about the requirements and expectations, we encourage you to ask for clarification from the administration at George Washington Carver.


The student and parent should each sign this page in the space provided below, and then return the page to the student’s school.


Thank you,



Cosheda Hurd





We acknowledge that we have received a copy of George Washington Carver STEM Learning Center Campus Student Handbook and Expectations for the 2016-2017 school year and understand that students will be held accountable for their behavior and will be subject to the expectations outlined in the Handbook.



Print name of student: _________________________________________________



Signature of student: __________________________________________________



Print name of parent: __________________________________________________



Signature of parent: ___________________________________________________



Phone Number: _______________________     Date: ________________________